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How good is the Nissan Teana? 

May 16

In Thailand, the most common choices for sedans include the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and the Hyundai Sonata. These popular choices are undoubtedly great cars but there is also another one that deserves the same recognition - the Nissan Teana.

Is Teana a good car? 

Based on user reviews, the Nissan Teana is a perfect choice for space, comfort and fuel economy. Launched several years ago, the Teana has not seen the same success as other Nissan car models which is a shame since this car has a lot more to offer.

But before we check the details on what makes the Nissan Teana a good car choice, let's first see how much it costs. The SRP price of a brand new Teana in Bangkok is between ฿1.3 and ฿1.7 million. If you have a tight budget, you may also check out second-hand models. 

How much is a second-hand Nissan Teana?

The price varies depending on many factors including the model, mileage and condition of the car. The cost of a low-mileage and well-maintained used Nissan Teana can be between ฿ 600,000 and ฿ 700,000.

What are the standout features of a Nissan Teana?

Looking at the exterior of this car, you'll notice its conservative stance. It does not have the same swoopy and bold flair as its competitors, hence it is often misconstrued as old fashioned. However, this is the same feature that many older generation drivers love about the car. 

To enhance the conservative and elegant exterior of this car are 17-inch alloy wheels and the multiple chrome moldings that run through the length of the car. 

Considered as a full-sized 5-seater sedan as opposed to the mid-size classification of its close competitors, the Teana is relatively large in size. Its overall length totals 4,850 mm and it has a wheelbase of 2,775 mm. With its size, it also offers a large and airy cabin. Moreover, the interior also looks as conservative as the exterior. With almost no black details in the interior, it looks upscale and elegant.

The matte wood trip in the interior really stands out as it greatly uplifts the appearance of the cabin. There are also some luxury touches and top-notch fittings that give this car that expensive look. 

With the price tag of this car, you could also expect to see many premium features including ventilated seats, automatic climate control, a push-button keyless engine, moonroof, cruise control as well as a powered rear sun blind among others. 

To compete with the V6-powered engines of the competitors, the Teana is fitted with the legendary VQ series engine that can produce up to 252 horsepower and 335 Nm torque. Although this power is short of the over 270 horsepower that other cars of the same class can produce, Nissan paired their engine with a CVT transmission. This allows the car to have unobtrusive acceleration. 

What do other users have to say about Nissan Teana?

The Nissan Teana has a good mix of negative and positive reviews. Many of the negative reviews talk about the expensive price and exterior design. But then again, the beauty of the aesthetics really depends on who's looking.

As for the positive reviews, many commend Teana's seeming exquisite and spacious interior design. The company really puts much effort on fine-tuning the interior details. 

As for driving performance, many users agree that Teana is great at cornering and it also has reliable performance, both for city and country-side driving. Moreover, there are also users who appreciate the user friendliness of the steering wheel of this car. It is highly responsive and easy to maneuver. 


The Nissan Teana may not be a popular 5-seater sedan, but that doesn't mean it is not a good car choice. Check out your trusted dealership to see for yourself what this car has to offer. While it has many great and not-so-great features, it has many much-needed practical features that you may be able to benefit from if you choose it as your daily car.