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Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Oct 5



Are you wondering what to do with that old truck, RV, or car that has been sitting on your street for more than a week? It can be a nuisance to neighbors and occupy valuable parking spaces. If an abandoned vehicle is left in front of your home or apartment, it can cause problems for you to park anywhere else. 


Find out if the vehicle is abandoned

These are the main factors that are used to classify an old vehicle as abandoned in Arizona.


  • Condition, appearance. Condition, appearance.
  • Incorrect or missing license plates, other documentation (inspection stickers and local registration decals)
  • Parking on streets or other public property is considered a location. Managers or property owners are required to report abandoned cars on private property.
  • The length of stay at the site. It can be very short for highways and restricted-access roads or longer for parking facilities. Street parking is usually somewhere in the middle.
  • Notification, nonresponse. Many jurisdictions require stickers or other warnings to be applied to vehicles or sent to registered owners before they are allowed to move it. The vehicle can be towable if the owner doesn't respond within the specified timeframe.


Harms from abandoned vehicles

It is possible to view abandoned vehicles as a problem in the quality of life. They are ugly and can contribute to disorder and decay. Wilson and Kelling15 believe that broken windows, whether they are literal broken windows on vehicles or buildings, or figuratively broken windows for all kinds of behavioral and physical disorders, invite further disorder and criminality. Philip Zimbardo16, a long-time resident of New York, described how vehicles that had been damaged were left on streets throughout the country, including in California and New York. He also mentioned how vandalism, parts-stripping, and literally broken windows could lead to more damage. The same goes for abandoned vehicles, which can also impact the quality of your life and cause further damage.


  • Attracting children
  • Contained gasoline or other hazardous fluids
  • Attracting more damage and parts-stripping
  • Arsonists are easy targets
  • Being used by homeless people or street prostitutes.
  • Being used to make drug drops
  • Parking spaces are limited in urban areas.
  • Obstructing street-cleaning


What is the policy for removing vehicles from roads?

There are no federal regulations about the disposal of abandoned cars. It is up to the municipalities and states to decide what to do about abandoned cars. To find out the specific rules and regulations regarding abandoned cars, it's best that you check with your state or municipality. A citizen should notify the police about an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle is tagged and identified once it has been notified. The vehicle is to be towed away until the owner can come and collect it. The car can be towed away to an impound lot if it is not claimed by the owner within a reasonable period of time.