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How do I get rid of junk cars in Arizona?

Oct 6


Are you looking for a way to get rid of your old junk car? You could call a few junkyards in Phoenix to sell it. Is it worth it?


They will often ask you to pay someone to bring your junk car to them in order to give you an accurate estimate of its current value. They may offer you cash for junk cars, but then charge you to tow the vehicle to them.

Can I sell my junk car without the title?

Many people wonder if they can still receive cash for junk cars even if there is no title. The answer is YES. You can easily scrape a car without a title.


Many people believe that if their title is lost, even if it's junk, there is no way to get it removed. Our junk car removal and pick-up experts will do everything possible to make your job easier.


We are familiar with the paperwork that must be completed and submitted to the DMV. We will provide you with the lost title to your vehicle so that you don't have to look for it.


From start to finish, we will manage the whole process. To ensure that we have cash on hand for your car when you call us to arrange the pick-up, please let us know that your vehicle does not have a title.

Some key things to consider before you throw your car away

Everything from the car can be salvaged


It is a mistake to hand the car to the removal company without taking a good look. It is important to inspect the car thoroughly before you give it to a removal service. You should ensure that nothing of sentimental value or monetary value is forgotten in the trunk or compartment.


Next, take out any valuable components. You can sell or transfer well-maintained components such as tires, batteries, GPS, and car stereo to another car. Remove the gas if the vehicle is still in use and the tank is still full. A siphon pump and gas container are the best ways to do this safely.


Last, take off the license plates. Arizona law requires that license plates on an older vehicle be transferred to a newer model or returned to a local MVD agency.


Make sure you take care of all paperwork


Arizona law requires that the owner of a vehicle, no matter how used or junk, must sign the title to transfer ownership. To make the transfer of ownership valid, the title must be signed before a notary.


It is easy to get a duplicate or replacement title if the original is lost. You can either mail or send the application form to your local MVD. Except for very old cars, it is no longer possible to sell or junk your car in Arizona without a title.