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What customers want in an auto repair shop?

Oct 9

While quality auto repairs are vital to your business, you want to sell the entire customer experience. Your customers should feel valued and respected when they enter your shop's doors. You want them to feel valued, supported, and completely satisfied. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere. How can you ensure your customers have everything they desire with every visit to your shop? These tips will help you streamline your business.

Warmly Welcome Every Customer

Always greet each customer who walks through your door. Pay attention to the people who park in your parking lot if you are not busy. Hold the door open and greet them by name to provide red carpet service.

Even if you are busy with another customer, it takes just a few seconds to greet them and tell them you will be there for them. Your friendly greeting lets your customers know you value them and keeps them from wandering to find something else.

Once you've had a chance to spend time with your next customer, get up and come in front of them to address them. Offer to show them around your shop and tell them about your technicians and services.

If you have refreshments, you can offer them refreshments. If they need an oil change or another quick service, show them where they can park and wait. Your customers will feel at home in your shop and keep coming back. They'll also refer their friends, coworkers, and family members.

Complete a thorough inspection of each vehicle

Your techs should inspect every vehicle, even if they are fixing a problem. You'll prefer to have them use DVI (digital vehicle inspection), but a paper form is possible until you upgrade.

In either case, ensure that your customer receives a copy of the inspection results and their work order. From the inspection results, the customer should be able to determine what repairs are needed immediately and which regular maintenance services are required soon.

With this information, customers will feel confident in managing their car care. It will also help customers plan for necessary repairs or services to keep their vehicles in good condition.

Repair Orders that are Clear and Simple to Understand

Customers should receive an easy-to-understand repair order and an informative inspection sheet. These orders are legally binding and must be able to be questioned if there are any disputes.

You will need to gather your customers' contact information to create your repair order.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone number

To identify the vehicle you are working on, add the year, make and model, and the VIN and plate number.

Next, you can talk to your tech to review the inspection sheet and determine the required repairs. After that, you can contact your customer to discuss the work they would like you to do that day. Once you have that figured out, enter all the services you are providing that day and the cost breakdown for your customer to know what is due.

Before printing, make sure you have checked that everything is correct and easy to understand. It should be attached to a copy of your inspection sheet so that it can be handed to the customer upon their arrival to pick up their vehicle.

Offers Wow-worthy Service on Every Visit

Nobody likes to go back to the shop repeatedly to resolve a problem or wait for their car to be returned. Your techs should strive to resolve the problem thoroughly and within the timeframe.

Help us by:

  • Allow for a reasonable amount of time to diagnose and repair your vehicle.
  • Any information that your customer gave you at check-in should be shared
  • All the best automotive reference systems are available to your technicians
  • Provide all parts quickly to complete the job.

When you check in with your customer, make sure to sell diagnostic services and not time. This will help your customer see the value of their visit and make them feel they are getting their money's worth.

You're still not done offering a memorable customer experience, even after you have resolved their complaint. For new clients, you will need to send a thank-you card.

You should send repeat customers a card now and again to thank them for being loyal to your auto shop. Consider sending additional incentives to clients who frequent your shop with multiple vehicles.

Need help dialing in your customer experience at your auto shop?

These tips will ensure that your customers have the best experience at your auto shop. Auto repair shop aurora colorado is your trusted coach and can help you improve your customer experience. Call us to get the help you need to improve the success of your auto shop.