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How to Find A Good Private Driver or Chauffeur

Nov 22

Even if you have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving history, driving to different places can be difficult, unsafe, and time-consuming. Private family chauffeurs can be hired to help you with your transportation needs, whether on a regular basis or occasionally. They will also cater to your lifestyle and preferences.

If you have been wondering if you need a personal driver for some time but aren't sure how to get one, then read on. This article will show you how to find the perfect private driver for your needs.

There are many uses for a private family chauffeur

Private Driver driving passengerPersonal drivers are useful for many reasons. They can chauffeur you and your family to school, work, meetings, extracurricular activities, or social outings. You can check your emails and avoid the frustrations associated with parking and traffic by having someone else drive. A private driver can help you arrive on time and be punctual.

Private family chauffeurs are proud of their appearance and the vehicle's appearance. You will make a great impression when you get to your destination. A private driver is a great option if you have plans to go out with friends. You won't have to worry about who your designated driver will be.

Personal driver job description

Private drivers have the primary responsibility of driving. However, they can also do much more than simply drive. Personal drivers are responsible for helping people get in and out of their car, as well as carrying their luggage and scheduling repairs and maintenance appointments. These tasks are crucial for seniors, those with mobility issues, parents with young children and others who have a hectic schedule.

Personal drivers can help you clear snow from your driveways and sidewalks, take children and pets to and from school, exercise their pets, or perform security duties. We work with private family chauffeur professionals who have valid weapons-carrying permits and are law enforcement veterans. This will help you feel secure and safe wherever you go.

Important Questions to Ask Private Driver Candidates

private driver smilingEvery private driver is different and each one has a unique skill set. Before you make a hiring decision, be sure to ask the right questions. These are the most important questions you should ask potential private driver candidates.

  • Which private driving jobs did you hold in the past?
  • Are you a victim of driving violations or tickets?
  • How long have your driver's licence been valid?
  • How many hours can you drive?
  • Are you familiar with driving in this specific area or city?
  • How can you deal with traffic and parking stress?
  • How can you keep on time and punctual with your driving assignments?
  • What is it like to be a chauffeur?

How do I hire a driver to drive my car?

You'll probably spend a lot of time with your driver so it's important to find someone you like and can relax with. It is important to decide how often you will require chauffeur services, as well as how to arrange for expenses, insurance, and scheduling.

Before meeting with potential candidates for private driver, it is a good idea to make sure they have been thoroughly screened for their experience and skills. Ace Driver Services is a reliable staffing agency that can help you find the best candidates. Families and businesses looking for private chauffeuring services can fill out the application or call us at 239-330-6811, to find out more about how we connect professional drivers with individuals like you.

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What is a Private Chauffeur and how do they work?

A chauffeur is a private driver who drives a person or their family. Our chauffeurs will have a lot of experience and a clean driving licence. They will also have a good knowledge of the area they serve. You must also have a good understanding of formal etiquette and discretion. Many chauffeurs have some experience in personal security, and some have even been licensed to carry.

Some chauffeurs have more experience with business professionals. They can transport the principals to/from work and to/from various meetings, appointments and sometimes even long-distance trips into nearby cities.

Other chauffeurs are more familiar with families. They can handle strollers and car seats, take children to school, nannies, and help parents and staff run errands.

Sometimes, chauffeurs will take on additional duties like cleaning up the front steps and running personal errands. In some cases, they may even be asked to act as a personal assistant.

A chauffeur must have a working knowledge of all roads and shortcuts in the area where he lives or works. He also needs to be familiar with the technology and apps that are used for driving.

You must have discretion and be able to communicate well with your chauffeurs.

The chauffeur is trusted family member and is often exposed to private and personal matters that are related to the family business. British American Household staffing screens all chauffeurs for discretion and loyalty. These are two essential character traits for private drivers.

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