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Siam Lian Group strives to be the finest in its field and gain the trust of its clients by creating exquisite homes

Jan 28

It is the 15,663.2-acre Botany at Dairy Farm is an 99 year leasehold property. It is possible to construct 385 houses. Within Dairy Farm Walk District 23 Dairy Farm Walk District 23 are currently being constructed in the Botany at Dairy Farm Condos. Sim Lian Land and Development Pte Ltd. is responsible for running the project. Many schools are located close by, and it's secure and easy for people to reach them using expressways and public transportation. 385 homes of various sizes are part of the plan which is currently being studied.

Botany at Diary Farm is an exceptional property situated within District 23. Siam Lian Group has been in the development and construction business for over forty years. Over the course of time, it was involved in numerous top-quality projects, such as Lincoln Residencies, Rochelle at Newton, Clover By The Park, The Amery, Hillion Residencies, The Jade at Bukit Batok, and many other. Siam Lian Group aspires to be the best in its industry and earn the trust of its customers through the design of stunning houses. Siam Lian Group has been awarded numerous awards and is recognized by many as one of the most prestigious brands in Singapore over the last five years beginning in 2009.

The Botany at Diary Farm Singapore is made of The Rail Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza Fajar Shopping Centre & Junction 10. The residents who reside within The Botany are able to get access to banking services such as pharmacies, banks and food stores along with additional.

Chestnut Nature Park is part of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It was created to enhance the stunning natural surroundings to provide an inviting and peaceful area. This Botany zone is an essential part that is a major part of City Fringe, which is located in the well-known District 23.

Sim Lian's Botany at Dairy Farm structures provide freehold homes for families who been in Singapore for a long time. their stay in Singapore for a period of over 4 months. Sim Lian Group was created to offer the broadest choice of the most up-to-date ways of construction. Sim Lian Group is recognized as a reliable property development firm that is focused on investment and construction. Sim Lian Group offers different mixed-use residential properties in addition to residential and commercial properties throughout the region.

Sim Lian Group is an well-known property developer located in Singapore that has been building homes for over forty years. Sim Lian Group is known for its luxury construction projects, which are reasonably priced and of the best standard . The portfolio of Sim Lian Group includes commercial and residential mixed-use industrial and residential development.

Central Business District (CBD) which has speeds of more than 10 knots. The Condo is connected to expressways , like those which are part parts of Bukit Timah-Kranji Expressway (BKE) and with the Pan-Island Expressway which further assists residents who live in the area within. Condo. The Condo is ideal for those who love outdoor things to do. It is situated near the breathtaking Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Singapore Quarry, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Little Guilin, and Dairy Farm Nature Park.